Maximizing Estate Value with Professionalism, Expertise and Sensitivity

ESTATE STAGING Specialists help maximize the sales price of an estate property, minimize time on the market and reduce stress during this challenging process.

ESTATE STAGING Specialists believe that the goal for the sale of any estate property should be to maximize asset value. While fully appreciating the emotional challenges of the situation, we know that maximizing ROI has to be the focus, if the best interests of the estate are respected. Professional staging and project management are essential to achieving this goal.

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., Nairn Friemann, has collaborated with home sellers and agents on the staging and sale of over $700 million in real estate, including many estate properties. Seeing the costs of mismanaged estate property marketing and recognizing a need for a specialty professional services provider, Nairn has established Estate Staging Specialists as a division of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., one of New York’s leading home staging companies.