What is Estate Staging?

In most cases, real estate property is the most valuable asset of the estate. Unfortunately, during this time of stress and grief, families are overwhelmed and often receive poor or no advice about staging and marketing the property. Decisions are often based on emotions or misinformation, instead of sound financial planning.

Serious and costly mistakes are often made:

  1. The family is too overwhelmed to deal with staging the property, so they decide to sell it “As Is.”
  2. The family decides to liquidate and/or remove all the contents before listing the property.
  3. Some ad hoc preparation is completed, but without a professional staging strategy and project management, the results are poor.

In all cases, lack of planning and preparation will result in a lower sales price, longer time on the market, increased monthly carrying costs for the estate and  increased stress for the family. The financial loss to an estate can be tens of thousands of dollars or more and is irreparable.

Desk with OrchidThe main criteria for selling real estate have always been location, size, and price but never before have presentation and condition been as important as they are today.

95% of buyers are shopping first on the Internet and “driving-by” properties in a “click.” Without a doubt, appealing website photos are the key to attracting buyer traffic. Visiting the property, buyers form first and lasting impressions within seconds. 90% of the population cannot visualize and base their judgments solely on what they see and how they feel, and research is proving that emotions play a much larger part of the decision making process than previously assumed.

To maximize the value of the estate property, invest in expert home staging services.

As professional home stagers, we cannot influence location, size and price factors. Our role is to collaborate with home sellers and real estate agents to prepare properties for the marketplace to sell for top dollar as quickly as possible. This is impossible without thorough attention to condition issues and enhanced presentation.

Staging a property before listing is one of the most important and best short-term investments the estate can make. Families, executors, lawyers and real estate agents can trust Estate Staging Specialists to provide professional expert advice and services and sensitivity to all parties throughout the challenging process.