We offer a full menu of professional ESTATE STAGING services that will help maximize sales price, minimize time on the market and reduce stress during this challenging process.

Professional Consultation & Report

Our professional consultation includes a comprehensive assessment of the property and specific recommendations. Our follow-up report is professional and thorough and can be reviewed by executors, family members, lawyers and real estate agents.

Design Plan & Project Timeline

We create an expert design plan and develop a timeline for the entire project, honoring budgets set by the estate.

Liaising with lawyers, executors, family members and real estate agents:

We connect and communicate with all the involved parties as necessary.

Strategic Editing of Furnishings

We use our expertise as professional stagers to make the critical strategic decisions on what items should be removed and which should be reserved for staging and showcasing. Costly mistakes can be made when there is a rush to liquidate contents or remove furnishings that will enhance the presentation of the property.

Co-ordination of Appraisals & Estimates

We call in the best resources for estimates and quotes, so that informed choices can be made. We co-ordinate appraisals and estimates to expedite the process and promote efficiency.

Inventory & Photography of Possessions

We protect your possessions by preparing excellent inventory records and photographs.

Management of Removals & Donation Pick-ups

We call in the best resources and manage the removals to expedite the process and promote efficiency.

Arranging for Packing, Shipping & Storage

We work exclusively with professional movers, who can handle all the packing, moving and storage requirements.

Supervision of Necessary Trades

We work with professional, insured contractors and businesses, who will handle all the required condition work – painting, floor refinishing, repairs, upgrades, cleaning, window washing, etc. We schedule and supervise the work to keep the project on timeline and budget.

Shopping and selection of additional staging items

Our goal is to make the most of existing furnishings but in most cases, some additional staging items will be needed to enhance the presentation of the property. These generally include new linens for the bedrooms and bathrooms, additional lighting, decorative accessories and floral accents. In some cases renting additional furnishings may also be recommended. We use our professional staging expertise to select staging-effective items and always shop for best value.

Professional Staging & Showcasing

Once the condition work has been completed and the property has been cleaned, we stage and showcase the property to ensure winning first impressions – both in the website photos and buyer visits.

De-staging Services

If required, we can manage the vacating of the property and a move-out cleaning.